Let your users control their own data.

Store each person’s data in a place owned and controlled by that individual. Request access to a rich library of user data to enhance each person’s experience.

Fully GDPR And CCPA Compliant

Since you never hold an individual's data and they can disable access at any point, aka integration makes your site fully compliant with all data privacy laws.

Personalize each experience

Always have up to date information about each individual so that you can consistently offer the experience they deserve.

Build trust

Trust between businesses and individuals is scarce these days. By giving your users full control over what data you can access and for how long, you can build a trusting relationship from the start.

Access Rich data

Since each individual controls who can access their data, with permission you can access a vast library of personal data.

See it in action

Download the app

Download the iOS application to create your personal aka and take control of your data.

Retail Store Demo

We setup a demo so that users and store owners alike can see the value that aka can bring to the digital experience.

Visit Your Aka hub

Once you download the app for full access, you can see your data anytime on the online data portal. Check it out.

We're putting the individual in control.

AKA is an alternative to the traditional, centralized storage of user data. With AKA, everyone can carry their data with them across applications and businesses and control who they share it with.

How Does it work?

Individuals can connect with businesses and individuals with a one word identifier.

Businesses and applications can request to read and write data from an individual’s AKA personal data hub.

Each request to a user’s data must be explicitly approved by the individual via their mobile application. 

Applications and businesses can benefit from data sharing by requesting access to a rich library of data created by other applications.

Individuals can stop sharing data at any time, for any reason. 

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