Welcome to the future of personal data.
Data should stay with the individual, not the business.
AKA for Individuals
Customer Information, without the overhead.
Request access to people's data without collecting or storing it yourself.
AKA for Businesses
Immediate Personalization. Simple API.
Easily personalize your website or app to each individual with AKA Single Sign-On.
AKA for Developers

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So, what is AKA?

Well it depends on what you’re trying to do. Click the group that describes you and we’ll explain it from that perspective.


It’s time to take control over our personal data. Finally, we have another choice.

AKA is like a wallet for your data. Your data is valuable, so take control over it and store it somewhere where you are in charge.


With AKA, individuals control their personal data. This allows you request rich data from individuals and store your customer data directly with your customers.



AKA is the alternative to the traditional, siloed data storage. Read and write data to your user’s AKA data hub.

We’re working closely with developers to make AKA better. Don’t hesitate to reach out. We love to hear new ideas and recommendations.