Welcome to the future of personal data.
Data should stay with the individual, not the business.
AKA for Individuals
Customer Information, without the overhead.
Request access to people's data without collecting or storing it yourself.
AKA for Businesses
Immediate Personalization. Simple API.
Easily personalize your website or app to each individual with AKA Single Sign-On.
AKA for Developers

AKA for Businesses:

Do you know your customers?

With AKA, individuals control their personal data. This allows you request rich data from individuals and store your customer data directly with your customers.  

Increase Customer Engagement.

With one simple request, you can access any available data point from your customers. 

Running an email marketing campaign? Request their email address.

Need to know their shoe size so you can send them personalized recommendations? Request their shoe size!

Share Data.

Since the data is stored with the individual, you can request access to data that was generated by other businesses. You can also store data that you generate with that individual and make it available to others.

Gone are the days of collecting and storing all your customer data on your own.

Build Trust.

People are more wary than ever when it comes to sharing personal data and data collection. 

With AKA, you are not collecting user’s data. You are making a request to an individual to approve or deny your access to that data. 

So what are you using that data for? 

GDPR & CCPA Compliance.

With ever changing data privacy laws and user demands, it can be hard to keep up. By utilizing aka as your source of user data, you can be fully GDPR and CCPA compliant. Because the data is stored with the individual and they can revoke access at anytime, you will not be responsible for the storage, management, or removal of any user data.