Welcome to the future of personal data.
Data should stay with the individual, not the business.
AKA for Individuals
Customer Information, without the overhead.
Request access to people's data without collecting or storing it yourself.
AKA for Businesses
Immediate Personalization. Simple API.
Easily personalize your website or app to each individual with AKA Single Sign-On.
AKA for Developers

AKA for Individuals:

Your Digital Identity

The new way to manage your personal data.

Unique, Digital Identification

Your aka username acts as your unique identifier across the internet. Identified by a ^aka_username, you use it to login to websites or share your data with others

Decentralized Personalization

Up until now, personalization of websites and applications was only possible if the company had already learned enough about you to tailor the experience to you. Typically this meant that newer or smaller applications couldn’t provide the same user experience that was offered by their large competitors.

By giving you the ability to control and store your own data, access to this data becomes decentralized and available to any application or website — only when an individual grants access.

Full Control

From within your aka hub, you can see and manage exactly what applications, websites, individuals or businesses have access to your data. At any time, you can partially or completely disable access for any application. You can set time limits on data access and aka will remind you of connections that you may have forgotten about.

Data Mobility & Consistency

By storing your personal data in your aka data hub, it can stay with you across devices and applications. All while maintaining full control over who and what has access.

Privacy Built In:

Single Sign-On

Use your ^aka username to identify yourself when logging into any app or website. Simply approve or deny the data connection. 

Burner Email Address

When you sign into an application with aka, you can hide your email address from the application and automatically replace it with a non-identifiable email address. Any emails sent here will be forwarded to your personal email address.

Data Encryption

All data coming into and out of your aka is highly encrypted and only accessible by you and those that have been granted access.

Access Control & Transparency

You can change what apps, businesses, websites have access to specific data at anytime. Track what connections are using your data the most and see what they’re using it for.